What is CBD Hemp Oil | Benefits of Hemp CBD Oil

What is CBD Hemp Oil? Please read this entire article to fully understand CBD. It is my intent to give you the best information; truthful information for your reading enjoyment.

The internet is loaded with fake and misleading news about CBD, hemp CBD, and the legalization status of CBD in the United States. I will only display truthful information and the latest news pertaining to the CBD industry.

What Is CBD Hemp Oil 2019


What is CBD Hemp Oil?

The video below will explain a lot on this topic.  You will be amazed at the power of CBD to help people who have chronic pain and illnesses that deprive them of quality of life. Below the video is a vast amount of information you should read. By the time you finish this article and watch the videos below, you will be well versed in what is hemp CBD, does CBD make you high, what CBD stands for, and the benefits of hemp CBD.

We must state right here and now that you should read the Disclaimer page on this website. It is very important you know all the facts about what is CBD hemp oil. Initial studies have shown very positive results for those people using CBD for many ailments. Medical studies need to be completed for dosages and degrees of success in helping people with chronic illnesses.

What is CBD Hemp Oil?

Let’s give you some thoughts and some ideas on what is CBD hemp oil(Cannabidiol) and also, We want to help you understand the important benefits that CBD oil has pertaining to the human body.

You may think that all these claims about the health benefits of CBD just can’t be true. There is so much unbelievable CBD great news for people with chronic illnesses, but it unfortunately also is clouded by the US government and some large business entities hell bent on spreading their propaganda against CBD and making us think CBD is bad and must be controlled for our own safety. This is far from the truth.

CBD Hemp Oil Is Derived From The Hemp Plant

What is CBD Hemp Oil? Well, otherwise known as cannabidiol, it is derived from the hemp plant and it’s also produced from the marijuana plant. As you know we can get high on marijuana which in general is not good.  We should not get high on anything that alters the mind.  It clearly is not good for us to be in an altered state of mind at any time.  But CBD is different when that it comes from hemp.

What Is CBD Hemp Oil

What Is CBD Hemp Oil

So here is some basic understanding about what is CBD Hemp Oil?.  Cannabis can be marijuana and it can be hemp.  These two are different plants; they’re in the same family, but they’re different plants. The difference is marijuana is very high in THC, a chemical compound which is what makes people very high.  CBD from hemp, on the other hand, has almost non-existent THC; less than one third of one percent.

What is CBD Hemp Oil? It Will Get You Healthy: Not High

So in other words, hemp oil and hemp with CBD will get you healthy, not get you high. That’s really important to understand that hemp CBD has incredible healing powers but it’s not going to get you high. With CBD oil from hemp there’s no psychoactive effect whatsoever.  It’s safe and a lot of people can benefit from its  incredible healing powers,  but it’s not going to get you high, and yes it’s legal in all 50  of these United States.

What Is CBD

I know a lot of people are worried about the legality of CBD and you can’t do that.  Today people have hemp seeds in their homes, and they’ve got hemp oil in their refrigerators and there’s all kinds of hemp related products on the market for sale today.

What is CBD Hemp Oil? It is legal and won’t cause any legal issues. It’s very healthy and so it’s really important to understand that THC basically has never shown up on any kind of a test from hemp.

It has such a small amount of THC (<0.3%) so you’re getting the healthy benefits from CBD without legal and medical problems that come with marijuana. So that’s why we prefer CBD oil produced naturally from the hemp plant.

Does CBD Hemp Oil Make You High?


What Does CBD Stand For?


Obviously, CBD stands for Cannabidiol, the oil that is extracted from the hemp plant. It is much more than that though. Hemp CBD oil stands for immense possibilities to help people with chronic ailments and diseases that will be explained further in this article. Read on.

You Can Take CBD Hemp Oil In Large Doses

There’s no level of toxicity no matter the dose size from Hemp CBD. You can safely take it in larger doses if you need to.  It’s not a drug it’s a food; it’s a plant.  It’s a food just like you eat hemp seeds, you can take CBD from a bottle and it’s just like any other food.  CBD is nutritive; it’s not going to cause you any negative side effects; not like all the drugs pushed by the medical industry and doctors especially.

Hemp CBD Dosage

Hemp CBD Large Dosages

CBD from hemp doesn’t create any addiction; any withdrawals what so ever.  It has no comparison and does not belong in the same group with medical drugs for pain and opiates, but also not like marijuana and its psycoactive problems. So there’s none of those issues with hemp based CBD. Again, it is plain and simple just a food with immense healthy properties to help people with chronic illnesses.

We Need CBD To Feed The Endocannabinoid System

The endocannabinoid system and the endocrine system is a system that regulates the other systems of the body this was discovered in the 1990s.  We don’t hear about it a lot but it’s a big area of research right now. It properly mamages the nervous system which by the way, is hugely important for so many of our health concerns and struggles that we’re having today.

What Is CBD

It is imperative that we put hemp CBD oil in our bodies to feed this endocannabinoid system. This is the power of hemp CBD and why it works so well for a lot of ailing people. There’s over a hundred different cannabinoids in hemp;  and over 60 of them matter of fact, come from largest known source of these CBD molecules is that of cannabidiol CBD found in hemp.

Hemp CBD Oil Regulates The Nervous System

What is CBD Hemp Oil? It is found in hemp and regulates the nerves in the nervous system and the hormones of the immune system.  CBD is the highest known source in this area of body function control in order to create balance in homeostasis for our entire body.

So let me tell you some of the known benefits of CBD oil. If you think of what issues people are struggling with the most, I mean why do people go to the doctor? For what reason do people come to natural healthcare practitioners? Why do people go to the health food store? They are looking for the same things over and over and over again; They are desperate to find help with severe pain, anxiety, sleep issues, inflammatory issues, mood issues, uncontrolled seizures, and depression.

These people are struggling in life. Their quality of life to put it bluntly; it sucks big time. They are tired of going to their doctor, the pill pusher, and get some really serious drugs that make them feel worse than before and often turn these poor souls toward addiction. So now they are still struggling with their chronic illnesses and plus they are now drug addicts from prescription medicines.

The Benefits Of Hemp CBD Oil


The medical and pharmaceutical industries as well as our government need to do what is best for the people; not for big money lobbyists and pharmaceutical companies as well as elected officials. If they get their way, they will turn hemp CBD products into a prescription industry where they control the price you pay as well as the availability to the general public.

Benefits Of Hemp CBD Oil First It is A Food

Again What is CBD Hemp Oil? Its is a food; a food supplement and should never be controlled by the government nor the medical industry. It should have no more control on it than the vitamin and mineral supplement industry. It should always be bought over the counter or online totally free of any restrictions by the US Government.

Let’s make it clear; pain meds are all toxic they have negative side effects; they damage the liver; they cause other problems in the body. While hemp CBD is healing; its nutritive to the body.

So who wouldn’t want to take a substance that can heal their bodies and help them get away from these dangerous heavy duty pain drugs that are so addictive that they’ve taken a lot of people’s lives who just give up and overdose to end it all.  That’s the sad truth and we are trying to get the word out for chronically ailing people. The better way could be hemp CBD.

Hemp CBD Is Great For Anxiety

What is CBD Hemp Oil? It’s really good for anxiety by relaxing the nervous system which reduces stress, anxiety, fear, worry about panic attacks, and is very helpful for people with PTSD; post-traumatic stress disorder; it is so incredibly beneficial for people that have been through trauma and difficult emotional and physical situations; hemp CBD is so relaxing to the nervous system. Remember hemp CBD acts upon your total body’s homeostasis system with an influential calming effect.

Hemp CBD Helps With Anxiety

What Is Hemp CBD Oil And Anxiety

I have talked about how hemp CDB can reduce the symptoms and effects of anxiety. At the same time, it calms and relaxes the gut.  This is one of the neatest areas of research, people hear about, is how hemp CBD helps to minimize the leaky gut syndrome.

Hemp CBD is Very Helpful For Inflammatory Issues

People have inflammatory bowel diseases like Colitis. Crohn’s disease is a big one, Diverticulitis, IBS irritable bowel syndrome, and hemp CBD relaxes the bowels for people with these problems and dramatically reduces these conditions over time for many patients.

CBD oil works and it works pretty darn quickly to bring relief. So even with major inflammatory bowel issues if you take the right amount of the hemp CBD oil, You can relax the bowel and it does stop inflammatory issues and heal up your leaky gut.  Hemp CBD is amazing in its ability to diminish the pain from these diseases.

What Is CBD

Hemp CBD Can Improve Sleep And Mood

What is CBD Hemp Oil? It can also help with sleep, and it just makes sense. If you’re going to calm and relax the body and calm and relax the nerves is going to increase sleep, and we know sleep is crucial for health, for longevity, for healing restoration and repair of the body, and without sleep it’s hard to heal properly. So, sleep is really good, and it improves mood also.

See it’s like the domino effect. Hemp CBD reduces anxiety, which leads to relaxing your gut, which improves your sleep pattern giving your body time to recover, and the end result, you feel great and your mood is uplifted in the positive direction.

I mention the mood increase. It does the same for depression also. it almost seems too good to be true, because it helps with so many different things in the human body. I think it’ll be normal and common place for people, for all people to take CBD oil just like they take Vitamin C or vitamin D or whatever that we know is so crucially important for the human body.

Hemp CBD Oil Has Lots Of Documented Research

So, everything I’m talking about what is hemp CBD oil and does for pain and stress and anxiety and sleep; these are all documented research studies done in the past.  The best thing about getting people off chronic pain meds is there’s no withdrawal affect when taking CBD.  If you dig for it and it might not necessarily be mainstream news, but if you dig for it, there’s all kinds of research on all these benefits I have mentioned.

Somebody’s going through chemotherapy radiation for instance, and they take CBD to help them cope. CBD is very protective of the body and CBD helps protect the cells when they’re being poisoned or there’s an onslaught of that toxicity from these serious invasive procedures being done out there such as chemotherapy and radiation. So, it’s good to help protect the body if you choose to go down that route by taking daily dosages of hemp CBD oil.

Hemp CBD Oil Works On The Entire Body

CBD works on every part of the body. It helps to restore tissues and cells in every part of the human body. What’s great about it too, What is hemp CBD? Its also antimicrobial. It works on pathogens. This is newer research; it shows that CBD works on killing strep, it works on staff, you can use it topically and CBD has an antibiotic affect.  People with Lyme’s disease get amazing benefits from CBD. Check the research on that. You will be amazed.

I mean some of these diseases people have are horrific. CBD oil also controls the immune system so if you think about inflammatory response, Inflammatory responses related to autoimmune conditions, if you can have something that calms and relaxes the nerves and the nervous system like CBD does, and creates an immune response, leading to these autoimmune reactions, Hemp CBD is hugely beneficial. It helps to calm down the cells and functions to a normalized level in general to fight what ails you.

Hemp CBD Oil Helps Reduce Cancer Tumors

One of the biggest benefits of CBD oil and why so many people take it, is it’s anti-tumor success.  CBD helps remove tumors from the body that’s just a proven fact and it has been researched and studied. It actually helps cancer cells start to kill themselves. I don’t know the exact science behind it. It basically causes cancer cells to destroy themselves in the presence of CBD that’s the effect that the CBD has on the body. That’s amazing.

What Is CBD

Hemp CBD Oil Reduces Epilepsy Seizures

Another amazing thing CBD is used by a lot of people that have seizures. The diagnosis would be epilepsy most likely, but people are having seizures on many levels. Hemp CBD helps them regulate and modulate these seizures and eventually these people get off  the anti-seizure meds because of the power that CBD has to regulate the nervous system.

Just imagine being diagnosed with epilepsy feeling no hope; never feel like you’re going to be normal again; always fearful you can’t drive for fear of having an attack; you can’t work a normal job.  I mean that’s really sad way to live your life and unfortunately the medical system, they promote that false way of thinking that that they believe that you can’t heal, and you have to be on the drugs your entire life and it’s just sad.