Latest CBD Legality

CBD Legality Status with the Federal Laws and the DEA Classification

The situation with hemp CBD legality first pertaining to the DEA classification of hemp CBD and hemp products is changing rapidly.


Here is an excellent video that explains a lot about CBD legality today:



Although at this moment the door has not opened to legalize hemp products, but I have to say our hemp CBD “foot” is in the doorway.

In 2018, we have our first medically FDA approved CBD drug for severe forms of epilepsy.

Just in October 2018, the DEA has re-classified hemp products to a class 5 which basically means that the FDA has found that CBD has medical importance for controlling epilepsy.

Before as a class 1 controlled substance it was stated that there was no medical importance for CBD. The change to class 5 of the controlled substance act is to make way for distribution of the new epilepsy cbd derived drug in the USA.

Furthermore, the 2018 farm act pushed through the US Senate in June 2018 is now in the house of representatives for review and may be approved and sent to President Trump for signature by year end.

If passed, the hemp CBD and all hemp products in general will be legalized.

Stay tuned to this page to check for updates on CBD legality status.