Does CBD Give You a Body High | What Does CBD Feel Like

Does CBD give you a body high or will I get a CBD high? The straight answer is no. CBD can not get you high if it is just pure CBD. Yet it is more complicated than that. You need to understand where your CBD came from when it was produced. Did it come from a hemp plant or a marijuana plant. This is important to know. The higher the content of THC, the psychoactive compound in your CBD oil product,  the more you will feel high from the CBD caused by the presence of THC.

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Does CBD Give You A Body High | What Does CBD Feel Like

You see CBD in itself is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid, where it’s cousin or brother, however you want to put it, is THC which is the cannabinoid responsible for getting you stoned or the euphoric feeling people associate with marijuana; that mind-altering feeling.

Pure CBD Will Never Get You High

Hemp CBD will never get you high because the THC content is less than .3%. Take as much as you want and it will never get you high. What you will get is a sense of total relaxation free of stress. This is why hemp CBD is so helpful to assist people with insomnia issues.

Insomnia is basically caused by stress, chronic pain from inflammation, or anxiety and depression or even severe headaches. Hemp CBD helps all these chronic issues thus bringing relief to all those suffering from these debilitating problems. Let’s get one thing straight. CBD is not a cure for these illnesses, but it does bring significant relief to assist people get to a more normal life.

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As for the CBD and THC point, as to whether you will feel a body high from CBD, it boils down to the THC content in your CBD. Hemp low level THC(.3%) will not get you high. As the THC content rises in your CBD, you will start getting that typical psychotic feeling known as a high. It will also depend on the dosage you are taking.

High THC content can be Illegal

Just remember if you have a high THC content in your CBD, it is probably illegal unless you have a medical CBD prescription from a doctor and you bought your CBD from a dispensary or pharmacy. The following video attempts to explain legality of CBD, but to this date DEA has not enforced their position. Legal issue is in front of the supreme court.

Both hemp CBD and Marijuana CBD are controlled by the federal government. You need a license to make hemp CBD and its THC content must be below .3% in the CBD oil. You also need a license to produce medical marijuana and CBD with higher levels of THC in the USA.

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As you also may know it is illegal to grow marijuana for recreational use in the USA by federal law. Yet many states have legalized marijuana for recreational use; 9 states and counting. Hear lies the conflict as to what is legal and illegal. In all 50 states it is legal to sell hemp CBD, but the FDA has chosen to list hemp CBD as illegal to produce and sell in the USA.


Here is another bit of information. Is CBD different from the hemp plant or better than CBD from the marijuana plant? The answer is no. CBD is the same in both. If it is pure CBD there is no difference chemically. It is not necessarily even better if CBD comes from marijuana. it’s not necessarily true that it’s a better quality at all, and you can get just as good quality CBD from industrial hemp.

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