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The DEA ruling on CBD is a very important story for the hemp industry. We are finally staged to win the battle in Congress in 2018. Read On.

We will cover The DEA and CBD, The DEA CBD ruling, and clarify the CBD classification as it stands today. Watch this video:


What CBD hemp oil is in a nut shell, it is the most exciting news for human health since the creation of the aspirin. The funny thing is CBD hemp oil has been used by humankind all around the world for over 2000 years.

Yet our US government has politically demonized CBD and hemp since the 1937 farm bill strictly for political reasons and big business financial gains.

You will find the following video very interesting. the facts seem to be right on!

What Hemp CBD oil is, is a natural compound found in the cannabis plant, specifically hemp, but also found in the marijuana plant.

The big difference is that Hemp CBD has only trace amounts of another compound call THC(.3%) which is the psychoactive ingredient that gives you a “high”. THC can be as high as 30% in the marijuana plant, thus making it illegal in the US.

What Is CBD

A Little Hemp CBD Legal History

Yet in 1937 hemp CBD was also banned along with marijuana. Mainly because they are both cannabis plants and both have CBD as a main extract. Yet hemp CBD is not psychoactive at all.

Someone please explain why hemp CBD is banned when it is not harmful to humans? Just the opposite it is a super healing compound whose safety profile is excellent.

You can’t OD on hemp CBD. It’s basically a food extract. So why ban hemp cbd and hemp products? It is because there were politicians and big business who wanted to eliminate the hemp products from the market place for their own personal gains.

Their intent was to eliminate the competition, that is hemp products, in favor of alternate products in the market place that were competing with hemp.

To this day since 1937, the public has been deprived of a natural compound the can help millions of people with chronic debilitating pain from inflammation, as well as depression, anxiety, PTSD to name a few.




Things Are Looking Up in 2018 For Hemp CBD

There is light at the end of the tunnel though. Sitting in Congress is the 2018 farm bill that has been passed overwhelmingly by the senate subcommittee and will be headed for a vote sometime this year in the senate and it has a very good chance of passing.

The net effect will be to legalize hemp CBD and hemp products in the United States. It is about time.

Even the DEA(Drug Enforcement Administration) has backed off from enforcing the illegality of hemp CBD. Originally, they banned any CBD that came from a cannabis plant regardless of whether it was from a marijuana plant or a hemp plant.

This was alarming to the hemp industry who have strongly argued on the grounds hemp CBD should not be a controlled substance.

What Is CBD

DEA Has Stepped Back From THeir Position

Now, as of the date of this article being published, the DEA and CBD has stepped away from enforcing hemp CBD as a controlled substance, at least by modifying their procedures they are following now.

I am sure they are seeing the proverbial handwriting on the wall. 2018 farm bill is going to pass this year and not only that, we now have a new pharmaceutical drug made from pure CBD and approved by the FDA for certain types of severe epilepsy.

2018 will be a banner year for the success of the hemp industry and for hemp CBD. It has only been 81 years after all to right a terribly wrong in US history when hemp CBD was banned.

Here Are Some CBD Facts

So what is CBD hemp oil? Here are some facts to remember:

It is a stress reliever and it gives you a feeling of total relaxation thus most giving a person with insomnia, deep restful restorative sleep.

We all know sleep is very important. Hemp CBD will dramatically improve your productivity and energy during the day because of a great night of sleep.

Hemp CBD oil is legal in all 50 states for sales and distribution if the THC content is below .3% thanks to the 1974 farm bill passed by Congress. It is presently illegal because the FDA in their infinite wisdom, chose to add it to the controlled substance list.

The FDA is not enforcing their own ruling because of the great pressure on Congress to legalize Hemp CBD at the federal level.

What Is CBD

States Are Taking Control Of The Hemp CBD Legality

Technically it is illegal, but as you can see on the internet, Hemp CBD is being sold in every state.

To know what CBD oil is, you need to understand where it comes from and what is in it other than CBD.  Hemp CBD oil contains not only CBD but it contains at least 8 other cannabinoids plus terpenes and flavonoids to give the full Entourage effect from CBD.

All of these components come from the hemp plant and work together to bring on homeostasis in the human body; the state of total health balance.

All of these compounds working together, enhance the CBD effect in relieving chronic pain. This kind of CBD is called full spectrum CBD. You can also purchase CBD isolate which is pure and contains no other CBD compounds found in the full spectrum oil.

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