CBD Dosage for Inflammation for Pain | CBD Dosage Chart

Accurate CBD dosage for inflammation and pain is basically non-existent on the internet.  Numerous US residents are wanting CBD hemp oil because of its potential health advantages ,despite the presence of minimal clinical or medically backed proof regarding the recommended dosage to use.

Check this video out to get a better understanding of the issues. Please watch the whole video. It is clear and concise on CBD dosage awareness.


Very Little Scientific Research on CBD Oil Dosage

Despite the success stories, there’s surprisingly little scientific research about CBD’s medical capabilities, safety, and appropriate dosing.

While there is some research showing that CBD products may help manage many specific health conditions, for sellers of CBD who advertise health benefits on the internet, their dosage recommendations have little or no evidence of success backed by reliable dosage information from clinical studies.

As stated there is no accurate CBD dosage guidelines for inflammation and pain management.

Here is the best video I have found that explains CBD dosage to find what is called the sweet spot for you; That dosage that meets your needs:

As you can see, it is better for you to start small in dosage and then increase the dosage over a number of days until you feel a positive change to help your ailment.

You Can not Overdose On CBD Oil

Cheer up, it is not as bad as you may think. Why? Well, you can’t overdose on CBD; period; it is a fact. It is a natural extracted compound from the cannabis hemp plant. So don’t worry so much about all the wide recommendations of dosage from sources on the internet.

Be aware though, about who is giving you dosage information. Case in point. If you can’t overdose on CBD, what is the incentive of a seller of CBD oil to put minimal requirements for dosage on their packaging. Sellers want you to use their products fast so they can resell you more CBD at a rapid pace.

Blame The US Government For Lack Of FDA Dosage Guidelines

The lack of clinical studies on CBD dosage, is not due any fault of the CBD oil capabilities to help remedy chronic illnesses. CBD dosage for inflammation and pain as well as all the other ailments that CBD is used for, must come from the US government and especially the FDA.

It is because federal government laws have made it difficult for scientists to use federal money to research hemp CBD’s potential health benefits.

It is difficult if not impossible, to get federal funding for research when CBD is classified as a federal controlled substance by the DEA.

People Are Going To The Internet For Dosage Help

So people become resourceful and defy the laws by purchasing and often treat themselves on the fly rather than seek guidance from a health care practitioner who is reluctant to even suggest using CBD oil.

Making the situation considerably more chaotic, CBD products are not regulated by the FDA at all, leaving consumers with no government protection pertaining to the accuracy of manufacturers claims on product quality and quantity as stated on the product labels.

There is some help coming. Many states that have legalized CBD oil, are taking it up themselves to create dosing guidelines

I am sure you would agree that people come in all sizes and shapes.

CBD Dosage And People Big And Small

No one would be foolish to think that the same dose of CBD oil would be the same for a 90 pound woman and a 200 pound man and get the exact same results. Then you have problems with the high variability of CBD oil products; both in quality and quantity of CBD in the products.

Simply there is no government oversight on the CBD industry. Just like there is no oversight on the Vitamin and health supplement industry; or even the weight loss industry.

It is buyer beware. Do your homework.

CBD Dosage Chart | CBD Dosage List

CBD Dosage For Pain

CBD Dosage For Inflammation And Pain

Here is what we recommend for dosage guidelines:

It doesn’t matter what ails you or what chronic pains you need help with. Here is what you do:

Start with a low dose of 4 drops from a CBD oil tincture.

Increase the dosage  by doubling the dosage each time every other day.

So start with four drops

Then eight drops

Then half a tincture and finally a full tincture.

When you begin feeling the positive affects and your ailment diminishes, then take that dosage daily.

This way you will be using the minimal amount of CBD oil to manage your emotional, physical, or health wellness issues.

If you follow this regimen, you will be well on your way to a better life.

It is very important to read the Disclaimer in the above header.

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