Best CBD Cream For Pain Management | CBD Pain Relief Rub | CBD For Chronic Back Pain

Best CBD oil for pain management is a very important subject to explore sinc a lot of people suffer from chronic pain issues; mostly back pain and arthritis pain. When it comes to CBD in cannabis hemp oil and its incredible health benefits, one of the major breakthroughs in clinical studies, is the power of hemp cbd oil to help people with chronic pain.

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Best CBD Cream For Pain Management | CBD Pain Relief Rub | CBD For Chronic Back Pain



No CBD cannot cure back pain, or arthritis pain, nor can it cure any major inflammatory related pains that humans suffer from. Yet all is not lost. CBD oil will dramatically reduce the pain and allow a pain sufferer to live a more normal life.

Please be advised also that CBD cream applied topically, is just as powerful as cbd oil ingested into your system for relieving pain especially for joints or muscle pain. The cream gives you the ability to apply soothing relief directly to the area hurting you most.

Because CBD works on the total nervous system level in a homeostasis manner; meaning at the highest level, hemp CBD oil can diminish pain anywhere in your body. The best part hemp CBD is all natural and not chemically manufactured. It is a natural compound found in the hemp plant.


What Is CBD

CBD Oil Has No Harmful Side Effects

For so long, patients suffering from pain have had to go to a doctor who prescribed high dosages of pharmaceutical drugs that had far more severe side effects causing the patient to struggle as to whether it was worth taking the pills and just live with the pain.

Thankfully hemp CBD oil as related to chronic pain help, has no harmful side effects and for many pain sufferers, it dramatically diminishes the day to day pain and suffering allowing these people to regain again, a sense of normalcy in their lives, a level of joy and painless mobility that was all taken away by either the drugs offered by the doctor or the extreme pain that had to be endured daily.

CBD And Diminished Pain

There is also something happens that are more positive for these patients when using CBD. With diminished pain, patients sleep better. Insomnia is diminished considerably. Patients’ appetites get better; yes all the benefits of a more normal life; far more enjoyable come rushing back.

Yes, even Doctors and chiropractors are now coming out and saying how CBD has tremendous health benefits for their patients with chronic pain. The medical industry is slow to embrace CBD and its tremendous health benefits, why?

Medical Industry Is Slow To Embrace CBD

It is all about the money in drug sales supplied by pharmaceutical companies to the doctors. These companies will never back an over the counter food supplement because it cuts into their profits. Not only that, many patients are taking drugs for chronic pain, that are addictive which is just what the drug companies want.

What Is CBD

You are then hooked to keep going to the doctor for more pain killers. Money, it is all about the money. Hemp CBD products can be bought over the counter or online with no need for doctor prescriptions and at very competitive pricing.

Why IS CBD Banned By The Feds

Here are some little-known facts:

Hemp products were banned in 1937 under the Marijuana farm act. The reason; all political with no scientific basis that it was harmful. Many politicians had lucrative businesses at that time and wanted competitive hemp products removed from the market; thus the ban was passed.

At the same time, in order to get this hemp ban passed, hemp was not mentioned directly in the bill. A new term was added. It was called marijuana in the bill, which related to all cannabis plants.

Marijuana was touted as harmful to society, but the bill included all cannabis plants, both marijuana and hemp which is not psychoactive, but in fact is used for industrial and personal use; totally harmless.

Hemp plant products are still banned to be grown in the USA. It is still all about the money in politics and political action committees that pay to get politicians elected; all while the public suffers with chronic pain.

What Is CBD

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